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This page contains links to many video files depicting a volunteer's life in Ghana (western Africa) provided by VIGS GHANA

Video 1a : Shows volunteer Bethany from Menasha (USA) teaching a class of 7-year olds

Video 1b : American volunteer Gayle from New York doing a choreograph act with her graduating kindergarten class

Video 1c : Volunteer Rebekah from New York, NY, tutoring her class of 8-year olds (Primary class two - 2nd Grade) in a serene village location in Ghana - Africa; 15km north of Accra

Video 1d : Video shows international volunteers from USA, Ireland, Canada, NZ and other countries dancing energetically to traditional music during one of our regular weekend get-together picnics

Video 1e : Volunteer Jenny from New York (USA) being picked up from Kotoka International Airport in Accra and transferred to her hotel

Video 2a : Shows international volunteer Jonathan teaching in a small village in Ghana, Africa on our teaching program

Video 2b : This video shows international volunteer Jane teaching in a mid-sized town up in the cool hills of the eastern region of Ghana

Video 2c : Depicts international volunteers from many countries being tutored in African traditional drumming and dance at one of VIGS GHANA's beach picnics

Video 2d : Video shows volunteers learning how to do some African traditional dances at one of VIGS GHANA's weekend beach picnics

Video 2e : Shows French national Stefanie volunteering as a French teacher in a local Ghanaian school