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Whilst every effort is made to place volunteers in the specific institutions mentioned in their Invitation / Placement Letters, it sometimes becomes necessary to change the assigned host institution and or host-family due to unforeseen circumstances before volunteer arrives, such as:

  • The designated host / host-family may become unavailable due to a need to make an impromptu journey or similar
  • Hitherto acceptable standards set and met by host institutions / families may have deteriorated – in which case the originally assigned placement may have to be changed for the volunteers’ own welfare

A volunteer would be transferred to a similar placement if for reasons beyond our control the original placement is not able to take on the assigned volunteer.

Volunteers are expected to take their own adequate travel insurance

Medical costs are not covered by the program fee volunteer pays, however, VIGS GHANA would be willing to advance monies to volunteers who may need emergency medical attention but don’t have readily available funds to pay for such services.

An administrative charge of US$75 or 10 percent (whichever is higher) will be charged against the refundable amount. No refunds are allowed for digital or downloadable goods.


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