Africa Calling is made up of two facets — BEST GHANA TOURS and VIGS GHANA VOLUNTEERING.

BEST GHANA TOURS (BEST Ghana) is about providing affordable, engaging and exciting carefully-planned activity and sightseeing tours within Ghana. This country is rich in flora and fauna, not forgetting natural mineral resources like gold, bauxite, manganese, diamonds. We want to let the world get to know about all that. Moreover, Ghanaians are reputed to be some of the warmest and most hospitable people you can find – the whole world over. Come on over! Check out our list of upcoming tours and activities here.

VIGS GHANA VOLUNTEERING (VIGS Ghana) offers amazing volunteering and internship placements in African schools, orphanages and hospitals. See full list of available programs

We accept volunteers and interns from all walks of life β€” high school leavers, undergraduates, gap year students, graduates as well as working people for fulfilling, enjoyable and soul-uplifting volunteering work in carefully-selected locations in Ghana.

We offer safe and enjoyable placements, 24/7 local staff support and supervision, all at the lowest price.

Because we believe in the superb quality of our placements, we give you the option to “pay-as-you-go“.