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Application requirements for Volunteering or Tourism visa to Ghana:

  1. Completed Visa Application form: one original and three copies (all the four forms must be signed by the applicant. The signature should be the same as the one on the passport)
  2. Four passport-type photographs
  3. Copy or proof of round-trip tickets or itinerary
  4. Copy of a recent bank statement showing sufficient funds for travel to Ghana
  5. Visa fee (Starts from US$50)
  6. Original passport (Your passport must have at least 6 months of validity remaining when you apply for the visa)

Other relevant Ghana travel information

Single-entry visa is valid for 60 days from the date of issue. Please apply only within 60 days of the date of travel

Ghana multiple-entry visa should be requested by writing a separate letter addressed to the embassy of Ghana explaining the reason for multiple entries.

All persons entering Ghana are requested to have a valid certificate of immunization against yellow fever. Travelers may be required to present it at the port of entry in Ghana. A valid vaccination card must be carried when entering or leaving Ghana. Only yellow fever vaccination is obligatory.

Ghana High Commission in the United Kingdom
Ghana Embassy in the United States
Ghana High Commission in Canada
Ghana Embassy in Denmark
Ghana High Commission in Australia

hana High Commission in the UK
Ghana Embassy Uk
Passports & Immigration
104 Highgate Hill London
N6 5HE
Tel: 020 8342 7500
Fax: 020 8342 8570
Ghana Embassy – United Kingdom

Ghana Embassy in the US
Embassy of Ghana
3512 International Drive NW
Washington DC 20008
Tel: (202) 686-4520
Ghana Embassy – United States

Ghana High Commission in Canada
Ghana High Commission
#153 Gilmour Street
Ottawa, ONT. k2P 0N8
Tel: (613) 236-0871-3
Fax: (613) 236-0874
Ghana High Commission – Canada

Ghana Embassy in Denmark
Embassy of Ghana
Egebjerg Alle 13
DK-2900 Hellerup
Tel: 3962-8222
Fax: 3962-1652
Ghana Embassy – Denmark

Ghana High Commission in Australia
Ghana High Commission
13 Numeralla Street
O’Malley, ACT 2606
Tel: +61 2 6290 2110
Fax: +61 2 6290 2115

Other Ghanaian embassies and missions abroad

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